5 Foods That Seniors Should Think Twice About

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As people age, they often have to make essential changes to their diets. Too much sugar, salt or fat can have a detrimental impact on how seniors feel and on how their bodies function. Surprisingly, however, there are also many foods that seniors should forgo even though they are commonly considered as being healthy. Knowing that a healthy diet is an important part of healthy senior living, Harrisburg Home Care presents five foods that seniors should think twice about consuming.

  1. Raw Or Soft-Cooked Eggs – While many adults love a hearty breakfast with eggs cooked over-easy, under-cooked egg dishes can have a serious impact on senior health. These foods can significantly increase the risk of salmonella poisoning and because of the weakened immune systems of seniors can lead to serious illness and even hospitalization.
  1. Soft Cheeses – For some people, soft cheeses are far preferable to their harder counterparts. In fact, many people have long held the notion that the softer and smellier cheese is, the better it will invariably taste. Unfortunately, blue-veined varieties of cheese as well as Camembert and Brie should be avoided later in life. The bacteria these types of cheese contain could be extremely hard on the digestive tract.
  1. Unpasteurized Juice and Milk – It is best for seniors to look for milk and juice products that have been pasteurized. The pasteurization process limits the number of live and non-beneficial bacteria that are found in these goods which helps to reduce the risk for sickness for seniors.
  1. Raw or Rare Red Meat – Throughout the golden years, seniors should make sure that all of their meat is cooked thoroughly. If medium-well or well-done meats are too difficult to chew, it is far better to stick with poultry than risk digestive upset or infection.
  1. Sushi, Sashimi and Ceviche – All seafood should be cooked through with heat rather than served raw or partially cooked by fruit acids. The germs that undercooked seafood contain can wreak havoc on an elderly individual’s digestive system and overall health.

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