Limited Mobility Fitness for Seniors

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When a senior is living with limited mobility, they can be discouraged from exercising. However, seniors and older adults can reap incredible benefits from regular exercise including enhanced strength, cardiovascular endurance and flexibility. And the mood enhancing endorphins provided by regular activity are the cherry on top!

  • Water Exercise – Water exercise is one of the best ways seniors with limited mobility can move their bodies. The water helps take the stress from the joints, creating a low impact exercise that also promotes muscle strength and endurance. And with the growing popularity of water aerobics classes specifically designed for older adults, seniors have many options for places to enjoy such exercise ranging from community and senior care centers to local gyms.
  • Chair Fitness – There are many standing exercises that can be modified to be done in a chair. For instance, seniors can participate in exercises with resistance bands and light weights to help promote upper body strength and flexibility. Leg kicks and stretching can also be done from a chair to help keep the entire body moving, aiding in promoting circulation.
  • Yoga – Yoga is a great low impact workout as well. This type of exercise will strengthen and lengthen all the major muscle groups of the body. It also improves posture and helps with coordination and balance. In addition, the meditative nature of exercise promotes calmness of the mind and body through careful and purposeful breathing. And the best part? Yoga can be done at a studio or in the comfort of home thanks to the many videos available online.

As with any exercise, seniors should consult with their doctor or primary care physician before beginning any new fitness regimen. The doctor will also be able to give recommendations for which exercises should be completed as well as if the senior will need assistance in the early stages, whether from a family member or professional in-home Harrisburg caregiver.

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