Positive Aspects of Getting Older

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Benefits of Growing Older in Harrisburg, PA

Though seniors may need to work a little harder to maintain their health, there are actually many things to look forward to in the golden years. Life after 65 can be a wonderfully positive experience, and the Harrisburg, PA, respite care experts at Home Care offer a few reasons why.

With Age Comes Wisdom

Some seniors may have difficulty figuring out the latest electronic gadgets as they get older, but they often have the benefit of life experience and intuition to help them through challenging circumstances. The occasional forgetful moment aside, a brain can actually work more efficiently in the senior years. According to researchers at Duke University, the left and right sides of the brain are able to work together better in older adults than in younger people.

There Is Power in Numbers

Adults over 60 account for approximately 20 percent of the world’s population, which amounts to more than 77 million seniors in the U.S. alone. Here are a few ways seniors are becoming an increasingly important target demographic:

  • Baby boomers have more buying power than virtually any other group
  • Employers are hiring more seniors now than ever before
  • Seniors are becoming entrepreneurs and catalysts for social change
  • Businesses and municipalities are creating new forms of transportation, retail, and housing to meet the needs of the world’s aging population

It’s Easier to Appreciate Life

With age comes the realization that time is too short and valuable to spend on petty grudges and disagreements. This understanding allows seniors to focus on the beauty of the present day and enjoy spending time with loved ones. Even though they may not have as much physical energy as they did when they were young, seniors typically have a better understanding of their priorities, which allows them to channel their energy into the things that really matter.

Old Does Not Equal Frail

Thanks to modern medical advances, seniors today are remaining healthier and more active than ever before. According to the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research, a 72-year-old today has the same life expectancy as a 30-year-old from the primitive hunter-gatherer days. The pace of healthcare breakthroughs is likely to increase thanks to collaborations between the healthcare industry, technology companies, and entrepreneurs.


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